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Service specializing in events and corporate.


Services offered in compliance with public health social distancing instructions.

Professional capture

We are equipped to offer a range of cameras to provide a different visual plan for your event. A recording worthy of major events.

Quality sound

Studio-quality sound reinforcement is important at a virtual event in order to capture the auditory attention of your customers. Know how to impress your customers.

Audio recording

We offer multitrack recording of your event which allows you to remake a sound mix afterwards such as an album created in the studio.

live event

We have a corporate video platform that offers the live event service with integrated payment method by credit card or open to all.

Private virtual event

Do you need a private virtual platform to broadcast your event? We offer our platform which password-protects your event.


Services adapted to the needs and locations of the capture. We are aware of the challenges during this pandemic. We respect the standards of distancing.

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